How to watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom right now

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrived in cinemas just before Christmas to bring an end to the DC Extended Universe.

But if you don’t fancy a trip to Atlantis this festive season to see how it all ends, you might be wondering whether you can watch Aquaman 2 at home instead of seeing it on the big screen.

Warner Bros has yet to confirm a digital or streaming release for the sequel, but we have a good idea when we can expect to see Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom at home.

Warner Bros.

How to watch Aquaman 2 right now

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is out now in cinemas and that’s currently the only way you can see the sequel.

As mentioned above, Warner Bros has yet to confirm a digital release date for Aquaman 2, but we can look at previous releases to get a sense of when we might be able to watch it at home.

Warner Bros releases typically take around a month to be available to buy or rent digitally, so the earliest we could expect to see Aquaman 2 at home is late January.

There are some exceptions, such as Barbie which took two months to arrive at home following its theatrical success.

Whenever Aquaman 2 is released at home, you can currently pre-order the movie in the UK on Prime Video and iTunes and on Prime Video in the US to be able to watch it at some as it’s available.

In the meantime, you can rent or buy Aquaman on Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and other digital retailers if you want a rewatch before seeing the sequel.

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Warner Bros.

Is Aquaman 2 available to stream?

Unsurprisingly, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is not available to stream anywhere and Warner Bros has yet to confirm a streaming release date.

This date won’t be until after Aquaman 2 has been released on digital platforms, but we do know that since it’s a Warner Bros release, the sequel will stream first on Max.

We don’t know exactly when, but we can speculate based on previous DC movies. Every other 2023 release – Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash and Blue Beetle – arrived on Max around two months after their theatrical release.

Sign up to Max in the US

If Aquaman 2 follows the same schedule, then the earliest we can expect it to arrive on Max is late February 2024. But this is just speculation for now and nothing has been confirmed.

This won’t be the case in the UK as Max has yet to launch in the UK.

Instead, Aquaman 2 will arrive on Sky Cinema first after its digital release, but we don’t know exactly when as no release date has been confirmed.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is out now in cinemas.

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